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Sologne is much more than the ideal region for romantic forest walks, birdwatching expeditions or hunting and fishing trips.


While the majestic châteaux of the Loire Valley (Chambord, Cheverny and Sully-Sur-Loire to name just a few) surround the region like architectural gems and attract everyone's attention, there are many others which also deserve a visit: there are nearly 500 of them spread across this region.

Sologne's churches and villages with their wonderful half-timbered brick houses, which are so typical of the region, will enchant you and add an undeniable touch of charm to your stay in Sologne.


As for its culinary traditions whose reputation needs no introduction, they will delight the food-lovers in you. From the game recipes which so inspired AVON & RAGOBERT, to the most famous tart of sisters Caroline and Stéphanie Tatin (from Lamotte-Beuvron), via mushrooms, honey or jam, there's something to suit every taste.

Finally, Sologne is also a region which is looking towards science and the future with the Pôle des Étoiles park in Nançay, an exceptional site which is home to the 4th largest radio telescope in the world and a planetarium which will delight young and old alike.

Mysterious and full of resources, Sologne is a special region which you cannot help but love, a region which promises you surprise after surprise.

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