AVON & RAGOBERT's success isn't just built on respecting and mastering traditional know-how for decades. Our success is also due to our ability to keep asking ourselves what we can do to improve and satisfy our customers.



Joseph Avon opened a butcher's shop in Vierzon in 1898. After building up a certain reputation and popularity thanks to the quality of his products, the butcher decided to expand his horizons. In 1929, he created a canning factory, specialising in game pâté (it was Sologne after all!) with his son and his son-in-law (Lucien Ragobert): Établissements Avon & Fils were born. The company continued to develop and launched a regular modernisation strategy, which led to the opening of the current factory at Nançay (18) in 1974. Over 40 years on, production is still based here.


Duck, venison, boar, rabbit and more. Specialising in the development of game pâtés and terrines, Avon & Ragobert draws most of its inspiration from its natural environment, the Sologne region. But the company has always taken care to add its own personal touch by matching these 100% French meats and game to the best accompaniments and seasonings selected with passion by our chefs.